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Chakra Carved Soapstone Incense Holder

Chakra Carved Soapstone Incense Holder

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 GENUINE Stone Healing crystals are believed to possess metaphysical properties that can promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. These crystals are often used in alternative and holistic practices, such as crystal healing, meditation, and energy work. Each crystal is associated with different properties and energies, and people may choose specific crystals based on their individual needs and intentions.


Care information

Day-to-day Care

Sterling silver tarnishes when exposed to salty air, chlorine, sulfur, humidity, perspiration, cosmetics, household bleach and other strong chemicals. To prevent tarnish as much as possible, we recommend that you store your fine jewelry in a safe, dry place when engaging in the following activities:

Household and outdoor chores, Showering, bathing or swimming in pools, hot tubs, hot springs and the ocean, Using lotion, hair products, fragrances and other cosmetics, Exercising at the gym or during contact sports, Preparing meals

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